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Learn How to develop a Website

Join our free seminar to learn why a website is important and what is the best way to design a website without coding knowledge

2nd Jan 2024
09:00-10:00 AM
Smruti Ranjan

What you will learn with us?

Education is the key to unlocking your potential and achieving your dreams. Our comprehensive courses provide you with the skills and knowledge you need to succeed in your chosen field.

How to design a WordPress website

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How to start Blogging using WordPress

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How to create a business website

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How to create an Ecommerce website

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How to design a landing page

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How to do seo of your website

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2nd Jan 2024

09am EST

Learn WordPress in just few hours.

Join our masterclass live session to learn how to design a complete website without codingĀ 

Mike Edward

Senior UI Designer at Esem Lab

3rd Jan 2024

10am EST

Design with Elementor Masterclass

Learn how to use wordpress and elementor to design a complete website

Alisa Henry

UX designer at Esem Lab

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I am so glad I found Easy WordPress Academy! I was completely new to WordPress, but the courses were so easy to follow and understand. I learned everything I needed to know to create my own website in no time. The instructors are also very helpful and always willing to answer any questions. I highly recommend Easy WordPress Academy to anyone who wants to learn WordPress.

Kelly Catherine

Easy WordPress Academy is the best online learning platform I have ever used. The courses are well-structured and cover everything you need to know to become a WordPress expert. The instructors are also very passionate about teaching and make the material interesting and engaging. I would highly recommend Easy WordPress Academy to anyone who wants to learn WordPress quickly and efficiently

Amy White

I was skeptical about online learning, but Easy WordPress Academy has completely changed my mind. The courses are so well-done and the instructors are so knowledgeable that I feel like I have learned more in a few months than I did in years of trying to teach myself WordPress. I highly recommend Easy WordPress Academy to anyone who wants to learn WordPress or take their WordPress skills to the next level.

Teddy Jackson

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